Why We’re Different

Northern California – especially Sacramento and the surrounding Suburbs – has been a booming housing market for well over a decade. People love it here, as there are plenty of jobs, lots of activities, proximity to nature, and an outstanding and diverse community that is growing by the day.

It is one of the reasons that this area has attracted many home investors and cash home buyers. There is opportunity here, so those that have excess capital have been using Sacramento as a way to profit – often off of people’s misfortune.

Capital Property Relief – CPR For Your Home

Our team at Capital Property Relief understands this opportunity, which his why we have decided to be a part of this industry ourselves. But one of the differences between our services and others is that we also know that behind every distressed property is a person – someone that has their own struggles, and someone that is choosing to sell their home for a reason that should be respected.

We’re here to buy your home. But we’re also here to help. We do this in several ways:

  • First, we offer the most competitive amount we can. Our goal isn’t to pressure you into selling for less than you deserve. Our goal is to figure out what we can afford to pay, and then hope that it also works for your needs.
  • Second, we have some solutions that make us unique on the market. Though not right for all home sellers, we can offer unique approaches, such as a home makeover while you’re living in the home in order to make your home easier to sell on the market, all for a percentage of the selling costs. For homes that would sell better with the right repairs and remodels, this option is great for select sellers.
  • Finally, there is never any pressure, and we’ll always respect your situation judgment free. We understand that you’re in the spot you’re in, and we’ll make sure you understand the process so that you never feel like we’re taking advantage of your situation.

We believe that behind every home is a story, and part of our service is making sure that you understand we respect that story, regardless of the home price.

Contact Capital Property Relief Today to Sell Your Home

If you need to sell a home fast and are in need of support, let Capital Property Relief help. We’re a different type of home investor, dedicated to those selling their home, that are here to give you a competitive quote for your home purchase. Contact us today to get started.