House in Disrepair

There are joys to homeownership. But there are also costs. When we rent a property, all expensive needs are covered by the apartment complex, and all we need to worry about is rent. But when we own a property, we are the ones responsible for any issue that arises, and those costs can be substantial – more than the average household can afford, especially given the costs of mortgages and utilities.

Combine that with how difficult it is to care for a home in today’s world, and it’s possible for a home to fall into disrepair. When that happens, trying to sell your home – especially if you need to sell a home fast – becomes far more difficult. In today’s market, most people do not have extra cash lying around to fix up these expensive properties. That can cause your home to stay on the market for longer, and ultimately cost you more money.

Who We Are

Capital Property Relief is a Sacramento County based cash home buyer. We’re investors, but we also believe our role is to help people like you get out from under a problem property. It’s why we call ourselves CPR – a lifeline for those in need. We provide:

  • No obligation cash offers. We’ll let you know what we can pay, you can accept or walk away.
  • AS-IS sold properties. You’re welcome to leave everything as is when you sell us your home.
  • Upgrade partnerships. We’re also one of the only cash home buyers that provides partnerships for home repair, fixing up your home for a percentage of the sale when it hits the market.

You don’t have to be stuck in a home you cannot afford to care for. Let Capital Property Relief help. Let us know about the problems you’re having with your home and we’ll provide you with a quote.