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There are so many emotions and stresses that go into inheriting a home. Not only does it mean someone close to you has passed, but many inherited homes are in poor shape, with repairs, trash, and more, all of which put a lot of work on the part of the inheritor. 

Selling or renting these homes is often more than a hassle. It’s a process that can take months, sometimes years, along with tens of thousands of dollars out of your own pocket that you may not have, all while you’re managing your own life – a life that may not even be in the same city. And if there is still a mortgage on the property, suddenly you’re paying for two homes as well.

Get Rid of an Inherited Home with Capital Property Relief

Capital Property Relief is a home investment company that cares. We buy distressed homes when the homeowner is looking for some help, and buy all homes as-is so that you don’t have to stress about next steps. Our service is especially useful for those with inherited homes, as we can:

  • Buy a home in any condition.
  • Clear out and clean the home ourselves.
  • Buy the home fast – often in 14 days or less.

Once you’ve inherited a home, the clock tends to start on new expenses and needs. But as cash home buyers in the Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado County areas, we can come to your home usually within 24 hours (sometimes same day!), provide you with a cash quote, and if you approve, we’ll help you close out the deal and walk away. 

It’s a process that is fast, easy, and comfortable. We have no aggressive sales tactics and fully understand if you’d like to consider moving on and trying the market, or fixing up the home yourself to live in it. But if you need someone to help you sell the home fast, Capital Property Relief is here to help.

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Even if you’re not sure if you want to sell your inherited home, there is no harm in contacting us for a quote. Please fill out the form below, or give us a call today to start the process.