Real Estate Agents Partnerships and Referrals

There are homes in great shape, in popular locations across Sacramento that can easily be sold on the open market for fair market value. But as a real estate agent – or as someone that knows a person going through personal challenges – you’re going to come across some homes that may not be in the best shape.

These are homes where:

  • The home is “falling apart” 
  • The home needs expensive repairs.
  • The home is about to foreclose.

These are homes where the homeowner needs to get out fast, and wants to sell the home as-is without investing any more of their time or money.

Capital Property Relief is a home investment company that focuses on purchasing homes from those that need immediate help. We can come right away, we can close fast, and we can offer cash to help make the process fast and painless. 

We’re also currently offering cash for referrals. If your client, friend, or acquaintance is selling a home that is unlikely to fetch much value on the market for any reason, contact us today. We pay $50 to anyone that refers a home to us that meets our description, and $1000 if we end up buying the home. 

We’re also happy to talk about establishing a mutually beneficial partnership together, and can discuss referrals to real estate agents when a home we visit makes more sense on the market.

Contact us today with questions. We’re happy to discuss the qualifications and the referral process.