I’m Facing Bankruptcy and Foreclosure in Sacramento Buy My Home

Anyone can fall on hard times. It’s so easy for debts and expenses to file up, and a little bit of a hiccup in your finances and suddenly you may find yourself faced with overwhelming challenges.

Bankruptcy is a difficult process, and avoiding bankruptcy – or limiting its effects – is often a top priority. That often means selling your home. 

But if you’re facing bankruptcy, chances are you don’t have the finances available to fix up the home and put it on the market. In addition, you may not have much time to wait in order to avoid foreclosure. That means it becomes important to find someone that can buy the home fast.

Capital Property Relief – C.P.R. for Your Finances

Capital Property Relief is a cash for home company that purchases distressed properties – properties that need to sell fast and don’t necessarily make sense on the housing market. We’re also one of the few investment companies that recognizes and understands that people go through hard times, and that our home purchase also needs to be providing a service to those that are struggling.

That’s why we purchase homes as is. You can sell your home and walk away, leaving anything you want behind. Benefits of choosing Capital Property Relief include:

  • No Obligation and No Pressure – If you’re interested in our cash price, great, we’d love to sell your home. But we also know that these decisions can be hard. If you choose to go another route, you’re always welcome to walk away.
  • Fast Closing – Foreclosure and bankruptcy usually hit quickly. Closing on your home fast can reduce your debts right away, sometimes before your next mortgage payment.
  • Any Home, Any Condition – Once you sell us the home, you can walk away as is and not think about it ever again. If you need a bit of extra time to move your items, you’re welcome to do that as well. We can talk about the process so that it’s as easy as possible for you.

In addition, you’re getting personalized service from our local Sacramento company. We’re not a national chain. We’re just a company that invests in homes when people need a way out. 

Call Capital Property Relief Today for a Quote

You’re welcome to contact us any time and we can provide a quote when it’s convenient for you. Let us help you get out of your foreclosure or bankruptcy challenges by buying your home and closing fast.