Relief from Hoarding in Sacramento, CA | Sell Your Home As Is

The desire to hoard can happen to anyone. For some people it is caused by trauma. For others it is a mental health challenge. For others it is merely collections gone wrong. But whatever the original case may be, experts agree that the best way to free yourself of the challenges of hoarding is with a clean break, and the only way to achieve that clean break is to sell the property as-is.

Capital Property Relief – Hoarding Home Buyers

Capital Property Relief is a caring home investment company that buys homes as-is, so that homeowners have the opportunity to sell and walk away. It is especially useful for those that struggle with hoarding, because:

  • Clearing the items can take time and effort.
  • These homes are often in disrepair and won’t sell on the market.
  • For someone with hoarding challenges, a slow removal of items can be distressing.

When someone struggles with hoarding, it becomes important to free yourself completely of the compulsion. We make that possible by buying homes throughout Sacramento for cash, and allowing you to walk away with as little or as much as you want.

No Pressure, No Gimmicks, No Tricks

Hoarding is a vice that can affect anyone. Finding relief is an important part of regaining your quality of life. Here at Capital Property Relief, we’re here to help when others can’t, by offering to buy any home for cash as is, so that you can make that break and walk away.

It doesn’t hurt to get an offer, and we’ll never pressure you into a sale. We know how hard this process is, and we’re just here to help. Give us a call today, or fill out our quote form and we’ll respond as soon as we can to schedule an appointment – sometimes within 24 hours or less.